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Why Choose Us?

Our experience with treating victims of auto accidents: At #PAIN, we have all the tools to get you up and running again after your accident. We have a team of physicians and staff with years of experience in helping victims of auto accidents. We are caring, compassionate, supportive, and want to make you feel better. We specialize in treating the types of injuries that are the most common following an auto accident. These conditions can be found here.

Our referral network of specialists: In addition to our own wonderful staff, we have a strong referral network of specialists that we refer to if you need an outside opinion, want to consider a conservative path, or need specialized care. Ranging from spine surgeons to physical therapists, we have connections with revered specialists in our area that can help you further as you recover.

We can produce reports and notes for your legal proceedings: #Pain Consultants can prepare and produce reports, notes, or other medical documentation that you may need in your legal proceedings, insurance verifications, or for a variety of other purposes. #Pain’s physicians will serve as expert witnesses in your legal proceedings if you so desire. We have done so in the past, and understand how helpful this can be to victims of auto accidents.

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